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Financial Literacy for Youth


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lavenderMONEY specializes in providing financial literacy to our most precious resource -- school-aged children.


Financial literacy is the collection of knowledge and skills that facilitates a person to make informed, effective, and strategic decisions with their financial resources.


Financial literacy knowledge has historically been considered as an exception and not the rule. We believe financial literacy is not only important, but also necessary to equip children with the most basic social skill that will impact them into adulthood.

For most children, the journey to adulthood, as it relates to money, is a journey of costly mistakes and luck. This combined with the passed-down education (or lack of) provided by families, friends, teachers and others unfortunately is not always effective.

Teaching financial literacy helps children develop responsibility and empowers their financial decisions.


We matriculate our children towards adulthood with disposable gifts such as birthday monies, Christmas gifts, first car and etc. 


Financial literacy is the greatest gift to them and our communities.


The conversation is money, the reward is empowerment.


Please contact us for more information on our youth financial literacy seminars. Although we are youth focused, we still extend our knowledge and services to adults.



My name is Brittney Norman.

I am the founder of lavenderMONEY.

I am a graduate of Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business, where I obtained a B.B.A. in Finance.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked in various industries in Finance. Ranging from banking, consulting, information technology, real estate, utilities and prestige makeup and skincare.

I am passionate about finance, business, traveling, mental health awareness and financial literacy.

lavenderMONEY is my passion project turned into reality.

I am committed to using my personal and professional expertise to provide focused financial literacy seminars.


topics COVERED

lavenderMONEY covers a collection of the below topics in an introduction seminar or can explore these topics in depth in individual seminars.


All financial literacy material is focused, engaging and customized to audience.


What is Money

Types of Money

Wants vs. Needs




What is Credit

Types of Credit



and more...

Topics Covered

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Phone: 646.580.7410

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